Paper Tubes & Cores

We are Manufacturers and Exporters of Paper Tubes and Cores. Using the latest technology based Machine, we can supply Tubes, Cores in various diameters, thickness and length. There are many types of paper tubes such as Open-End paper tubes, DTY tubes, POY tubes etc. , which are being supplied to different industries around the world.

Industrial Paper Cores Heavy Duty Cardboard Tubes Cores

Our paper cores have excellent characteristics of concentric rotation. As a result, even extra-wide textiles can be wound on our spirally wound cores without a problem.

Our sustainable cores and tubes solutions are made from recycled fibres. Decades of experience have contributed to our high level of technical expertise.

We export to countries like Bahrain, Canada, Iran, Mauritius, Nigeria, South Africa, UK etc.,

The Global Market for Paper Tube Cores can be segmented into key regional markets such as Asia, North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Type of the Cores

Plain Paper Cores
Spiral Paper Tubes
Textile Paper Tubes 
Printed Paper Tubes 
Recycled Paper Tubes 
Industrial Paper Tubes 
Poy Paper Tubes
Dty Paper Tubes
Paper Tube Containers 
Colored Paper Tube Cores 
Packaging Paper Tube Cores 
Brown Kraft Paper Tube Cores 
Large Diameter Cardboard Tubes


Paper Tubes for winding fax rolls, telex rolls, toilet paper etc.
Paper Cores for winding newsprint, kraft paper, etc.
Packaging: Tubes to wind BOPP tapes, polyester films, metalised foil etc.
Textile : Yarn carrier for POY winding, DTY winding, open-end spinning, fabric and jute winding, non-woven fabrics, carpet yarn winding.
Others : Thermo-couple tubes, electronic cores, civil construction, storage tuSbes, pyro-technic cores and mailing tubes.