Paper Cones

The Textile Paper Cones manufactured by Bharath Paper Conversions have set industry standards and have earned the trust and confidence of a large number of Customers.

Depending upon the application, the specification of the Paper Cone varies. 

The popular sizes in the present Textile Industries are 9 Deg15, 5 Deg 57, 4 Deg 20, 3 Deg 30, etc.

Industrial Textile Paper Cone Manufacturers

These Textile Paper Cones are in conformance with defined parameters of the industry and have high temperature tolerance. Our Textile Paper Cones are well balanced, accurate and give super performance on manual and high speed automatic winders and spinning machines.We are Making and Supplying a wide range of Customized Textile Paper Cones Worldwide. We focus on understanding what our clients have to say, so that we understand what they perceive of us. Paper Cones are widely used in the textile industry for packaging, spinning and knitting yarn, these paper cones are highly acclaimed in the market.

We export to countries like Bahrain, Canada, Iran, Mauritius, Nigeria, South Africa, UK etc.,

Market for paper cones is one which is closely dependent on the overall demand from the textile sector in the respective geographical regions. The most accepted way of sorting the textile threads is to keep them wound over paper cones. This hugely increases the handling ease of textiles and also covers the threads from getting entangled. From a geographical standpoint, The Global Market for Textile Paper Cones can be segmented into key regional markets such as Asia, North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Type of the Cones

Textile Paper Cones 
Printed Paper Cones 
Plain Paper Cones 
Cardboard Cones 
Yarn paper Cones 
Recycled Paper Cones
Kraft Paper Cones
Brown Paper Cones

Highlights of Cones:

Fine surface 
Environment friendly 
Temperature resistant 
Moisture resistant 
Do not lose shape even in humid conditions