Conical Bolt Boxes

We are the manufacturers of Paper Conical Bolt Boxes (Construction cones) in waxed & unwaxed surface. Waxed Cardboard Bolt Boxes allows easy bolt adjustment. Manufactured from waxed cardboard and available in several different sizes.

Different sizes available
70 x 25 x 229 mm lg
92 x 29 x 305 mm lg
108 x 30 x 380 mm lg
108 x 30 x 457 mm lg
119 x 30 x 534 mm lg
133 x 30 x 610 mm lg
165 x 30 x 762 mm lg

Waxed Cardboard Bolt Box Cones

We export to countries like Bahrain, Canada, Iran, Mauritius, Nigeria, South Africa, UK etc.,

The Global Market for Waxed Cones can be segmented into key regional markets such as Asia, North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa.


A Conical Waxed Card Board cone is used for Positioning (Holding down) bolts.
Conical Bolt Cones are manufactured from waxed cardboard.


Conical Bolt Box are Cheaper than Plastic Cones & Environment Friendly.
A waxed Card Board Cone can be cut away when no longer required.