Paper Edge Protectors

Paper Edge Protectors are packaging products developed to protect the primary packaging’s corners and edges from tearing or sustaining any negative impacts. These edge protectors enhance the shock resistance, tear resistance and protective capabilities of packaging. Our Corner protectors also enhance the levels of sustainability of contents and packaging as it improves the reusable capabilities of these products, such as paper edge protectors helps in reducing environmental pollution caused by the packaging industry. If the products are packed with edge board, they can easily be protected at the time of transportation.

Corner Board is a simple product that solves a wide range of packaging problems. Our Edge Protectors are designed to protect, stabilise and reinforce palletised loads during transit and storage. With our custom-made edge protector solutions you protect your packaging units perfectly against damage in transit. Angle Board is available in different shape, sizes and thickness to suit the packing needs, it can also be customized with printings.

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End-Use Industry : Logistics & Transportation, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Food & Beverages, Building & Construction, Personal Care & Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Electrical & Electronics, Chemicals, Others, Homecare.

We export to countries like Bahrain, Canada, Iran, Mauritius, Nigeria, South Africa, UK etc.,

The Global Market for Angle Boards can be segmented into key regional markets such as Asia, North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa.

L Shape Edge and Angle Boards


100% recyclable
Patented design, Compact design
High strength, Easy fitting
Bespoke to the length required
Made from heavy-duty corrugated board
Enhances the stacking strength of containers


Reduction in transit damage due to extra strength.
Increased stability of pallets when stacked in supply chain.
Reduces the amount of overall packaging material by targeting vulnerable areas only.
Cost saving created through less material usage.
Makes pallets highly rigid for better stacking during transit.
Environmentally friendly – made from a renewable resource.